Cost Containment
A comprehensive approach to containing pharmacy costs…

  • Accurate billing of prescriptions to Medicare Part D - Minimizing the cost to the facility.
  • Medication Management - Prime Care works closely with your nursing staff to monitor the ordering and dispensing of medications, which translates into savings for the facility.
  • Therapeutic Interchange Program - We provide the tools to your nursing and medical staff to make clinically cost effective choices.
  • Formulary Management - A proactive approach to cost containment for the Medicare Part A residents and/or managing the various PDP formularies. We take the guess work out of the equation for your physicians by assisting them in prescribing the right drug.
  • Prior Authorization Maintenance - Prime Care streamlines the process of prior authorizations. The unnecessary and redundant paperwork is eliminated, which minimizes prior authorizations submitted to the facility.
  • Monthly Cost Containment Meeting - Prime Care partners with administration identifying opportunities to contain costs.
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