Prime Care will keep your facility in compliance with the new regulations

  • Prime Care’s dependable service assures the facility there are no delays in receiving medication. Delayed acquisition of medications may impede timely administration and adversely affect a resident’s condition (F425).
  • Our state of the art IV clean room is in full compliance with the latest regulations. ISO classified air environments; personnel garbing and gloving; personnel training in aseptic techniques to prevent harm, including death to residents receiving intravenous therapy (USP 797).
  • Prime Care is proactive in preventing adverse consequences related to medication therapy (i.e. drug interactions, drug allergies) (F428). Our pharmacy software prompts the pharmacist to inform nursing/medical staff of the potential adverse events.
  • Prime Care provides the tools and adheres to your facility’s policies to assure accurate acquisition, receipt, dispensing and administration of all medications and biologicals occur on a consistent basis (F425).
Prime Care Pharmacy Compliance