Steve Amigdalos, RPh

Steve Amigdalos is a NYS registered pharmacist with 20 years of pharmacy experience. Steve started in a vendor capacity with Pharmerica, and went on to own his own consulting firm and retail pharmacy. He also has experience in mail order, infusion, and hospital pharmacy. His widespread experience and expertise lead to creative solutions for Prime Care clients.

Tom Amigdalos, RPh

As a registered pharmacist, Tom Amigdalos has had extensive experience within the long-term care industry with companies such as Pharmerica, The New Gericare, and Omnicare. As Director of Pharmacy at Terence Cardinal Cooke Health Care Center, Tom had the opportunity to see the pharmacy services from the perspective of the facility, giving him a better understanding of how to best meet the facility’s needs and provide cost-effective, quality services.

Maryanne Blasetti
Medical Records, Quality Assurance

Maryanne Blasetti has 30 years experience in all areas of pharmacy operations and quality assurance. Maryanne’s vast experience at companies like Compuscript, Pharmerica, The New Gericare, and Omnicare has helped her gain a broad view of the industry and expert knowledge of pharmacy information systems, which she uses to tailor services to each facility’s needs.

Prime Care
About Our Company

Steve, Tom, and Maryanne came together in 2006 to form Prime Care Pharmacy Services, with the objective of setting a new standard for service in the long-term care pharmacy industry. They brought with them the wisdom of over 50 years of combined experience in both corporate and independent pharmacy, as well as their genuine dedication to the profession. Their shared values of partnership, passion, and precision define Prime Care.

The experience and expertise of Prime Care’s staff, combined with its state of the art facility and records systems enable Prime Care to fulfill all of your long-term care pharmacy needs, while our size and personal approach allows for a level of service unparalleled in the industry. Prime Care is committed to working closely with your facility to contain costs, while giving residents the highest quality of care.

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